Network Closets


A network closet could be a closet or a small room where electrical wiring and computer networking hardware is installed. Depending on the size of the building, floors, number of workstations, servers, access points, and security equipment, there could be multiple wiring closets throughout a building on all floors. Network and wiring closets come in all shapes and sizes and are an important component of all data centers. Whatever their size, these data hubs must be managed, organized and protected efficiently and effectively and network closet optimization is a must to ensure these goals are met. IT Professionals have been charged with keeping infrastructure functioning despite the multiple threats of constrained resources and increased environmental complexities.


For smaller businesses, a network closet could serve as a computing hub with everything needed for their computer network, including servers, storage devices, and network switches necessary for their business. A larger business would also have similar equipment, but their network closets may provide connection to a dedicated server room or internal or external data center.

A network closet includes equipment and wiring for:

  • Wireless access points
  • Fiber optic terminations
  • Network switches and routers
  • Servers & Storage
  • Associated virtualization and management software
  • Integrated rack and power distribution element
  • Alarm systems
  • Close-circuit television systems or cable TV
  • Firewalls
  • Circuit breaker panels
  • Telephone punch blocks


Protection of the Network Closet and Data Hubs is key to seamless mission-critical environment operation and can lead to easily avoided downtime or data loss. Complex nature of integrating key components in less space, service, maintenance, usability and future expansion as on when demand grows, managing the power and cooling is the biggest challenge.


No matter how many closets you have, you need solutions that fit your unique requirements, Magnizon network closet solutions are built to maximize flexibility, scalability, and efficiency with simplified, standardized designs with world class quality with longest warranties and design life yet affordable price ranges. Our product range includes smart cabinets with access control, built in cooling, Smart PDUs, Environmental monitoring kits, highly reliable UPSs and battery packs, smart cable managers that can suites every demand of network closets.

Below are our key USPs:

  • Easy design and installation
  • High density rack mountable UPS design to suite N+1, N+N flexible configurations
  • Easily scalable UPS upto 200% capacity
  • Built-in Static and manual bypass operations ensures zero downtime during service and maintenance
  • High efficiency smart cooling system
  • Access controlled based smart Racks and enclosure hardware with environmental monitoring system
  • Manageable PDU with smart energy meter


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