Residential PV Solutions


Magnizon provides a solution to generate your own electricity that can power your own home. Energy independence for 25-30years with almost zero maintenance and running expenses makes our solution special and unique. Capacity of residential PV power plants is usually decided according to electricity consumption, size of the available space for solar panel mounting, and user requirements, and is usually between 1 to 10kW and connected to the 1-Ph, 220/230/240Vac, 50/60Hz public grid. Specific applications of 3-Ph Solar systems also possible for the larger sized residences/villas/Bungalows.


  • 1kW~10kW system for residential rooftop application to power your own home.
  • Wide verities of solar panels and mounting structures available to suite to roof top/ground mount/car parking units etc. 
  • Low noise, low maintenance and No running cost, so that system can be in peace and harmony with the household.
  • IP65 rating with wide operating temperatures makes simple installation process and doesn’t need any dedicated inverter/switch gear room. 
  • 25-30years of energy independence with 2-3years of ROI makes our solution a big asset to the house. 
  • Smart Diagnose and String monitoring make it easier to locate the system abnormalities and trouble shooting.
  • Thanks to Magnizon mobile APP(both iOS and Android versions) the online smart service make the service more easier than ever, more than 60% system problem can be solved and debugged without on-site travelling, which not only save time but also save labor cost.
  • On-line upgrades and real time big data analysis with 5years yield data storage on hourly/daily/monthly/yearly as required.
  • Small size and easy installation, friendly system and easy operation.
  • Real-time monitoring from APP or Website through GPRS or WiFi.

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