Smart Grid with Energy Storage


Magnizon provides advanced smart grid solar power systems suitable for the countries where national grid is not stable and required backup time for critical loads or even during night times. Smart Grid energy storage system refers to the combination of inverters, storage battery groups and other energy storage components to implement an uninterruptible power supply system for home loads that combines renewable energy and implements load shifting to improve power quality and brings economy benefits while reducing the electricity bill. Magnizon smart grid energy storage hybrid inverter can control the flow of energy intelligently and protect against power outage. The PV energy can be provided to the load, fed into the public grid and charge the battery during the daytime. And the energy stored in the battery can be discharged to power the load during night time. The public grid can also charge the battery via the Our smart Grid hybrid inverter.


  • 3kW~200kW system for residential rooftop application to power your own home.
  • Smart Operating in either on-grid mode / off-grid mode /Hybrid mode
  • Compatible with both lead-acid battery and Li-ion battery
  • Optimal scheme of battery charging and discharging
  • Small in volume, simple and flexible system installation, short construction time, low investment costs;
  • Emergency power supply, load shifting, improved power supply quality
  • Increased electrical safety level.
  • IP65 rating with wide operating temperatures makes simple installation process and doesn’t need any dedicated inverter/switch gear room.
  • Integrated PV and storage, self-developed and self-use, surplus power is released to the grid
  • Remote monitoring with smartphone or tablet, automatic power grid switching, highly automated operation
  • Low noise and low radiation system operation.
  • 25-30years of energy independence with 2-3years of ROI makes our solution a big asset to the house.
  • Smart Diagnose and String monitoring make it easier to locate the system abnormalities and trouble shooting.
  • Small size and easy installation, friendly system and easy operation.
  • Real-time monitoring from APP or Website through GPRS or WiFi.