Magnizon-Pure Sine Wave Inverter 48VDC 230V, 50/60Hz, 6000w



Provide Pure Sine Wave power for all your alternative energy needs with the Magnizon APS-6048SW-LCD. This inverter/charger supplies 6000 watts of continuous 230V /50Hz AC power. Reliable large pure copper based transformer design and frequency controlled power, very much compatible to all varieties of loads: resistive loads such as refrigerators, motors, pumps, compressors and laser printers as well as electronic loads like TV’s, Computers, power tool and battery chargers. Smart micro controller based 3-stage charging system properly charge and maintain battery bank. The charge rate is selectable so you can use a variety of battery sizes and types to fit your back up time requirements


  • Well designed for hybrid applications where solar/wind energy systems connected along with grid or generator sets without using any relay and control mechanism.
  • Versatile inverter/charger with pure sine wave system with seamless transfer switching serves as an automotive inverter for RVs, trucks, standalone alternative power source with high end back up times with various battery technologies(VRLA, GEL, Deep cycle, Ni-Cd and many more)
  • Off-grid and On-grid applications.
  • Telecom and ATM applications.
  • Remote closets and small computer room applications.
  • Petrochemical application
  • Critical applications where ever higher reliability is needed
  • Medical & lifesaving equipment’s
  • SMB requirements

Key Features

  • 48V DC or 230V AC input; 230V, 50 Hz output (hardwired)
  • 6000 watts continuous output, 12000 watts peak output
  • Microprocessor controlled Smart UPS & Solar operational mode
  • 4-Step Progressive Charging & 7-Battery Type Selector
  • Fully compatible for Solar/Wind solutions for Hybrid configuration
  • Pure sine wave output with large LCD display
  • High Efficiency Using Line-Interactive Circuit Topology(Full Bridge Topology)
  • Quiet, high efficiency operation, high surge capacity and low idle current
  • CE Safety


Input Wave Form Sine wave (Utility or Generator)
Nominal Voltage 230V AC
Low Voltage Trip 154V +/- 4%
Low Voltage Re engage 164V +/- 4%
High Voltage Trip 253V +/- 4%
High Voltage Re engage 243V +/- 4%
Max Input AC Voltage 270V
Nominal Input Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz (Auto detect)
Low frequency trip 47Hz for 50Hz, 57Hz for 60Hz
High frequency trip 55Hz for 50Hz, 65Hz for 60Hz
Output Wave form(bypass mode) Same as Input
Overload protection Circuit breaker
Short circuit protection Circuit breaker
Efficiency on line transfer mode 95%
Line transfer time 10 mSec Typical
Bypass without Battery connected Yes
Max bypass current 45Amp
Output Wave form Pure Sine wave
Output continuous power in Watts 6000
Output continuous power in VA 6000
Power Factor 1
Nominal Output Voltage RMS 230V AC (L-N)
Output Voltage regulation +/-10% rms
Output frequency 50Hz +/-0.3Hz or 60Hz+/-0.3Hz
Nominal Efficiency >88%
Surge rating 18000
Short circuit protection Yes, fault after 10sec
Nominal Input Voltage Dc 48V
Minimum start voltage Dc 40V
Low battery Alarm 42V
Low battery trip 40V
High Voltage alarm 64V
Power Saver Below 25Watts when enabled
Power Saver Same switched On/Off remote
Input connection type Terminal block with secure enclosure
AC input Voltage Range 164-253V AC
Output Voltage (DC) Depends on battery type
Battery Charge current 50Amp
Battery initial Voltage for start up 0-62.8V DC
Over charge protection shutdown 62.8V DC
Battery Type (Boost Voltage) 14.00
Gel USA (Boost Voltage) 14.10
AGM.1 (Boost Voltage) 14.60
AGM.2 (Boost Voltage) 14.40
Sealed Lead acid (Boost Voltage) 14.40
Gel Euro (Boost Voltage) 14.80
Open Lead acid (Boost Voltage) 15.10
Gel USA (Float Voltage) 13.70
AGM.1 (Float Voltage) 13.40
AGM.2 (Float Voltage) 13.70
Sealed Lead acid (Float Voltage) 13.60
Gel Euro (Float Voltage) 13.80
Open Lead acid (Float Voltage) 13.30
Calcium (Float Voltage) 13.60
De-sulphation 15.5 for 4hrs (per battery)
Remote control/RS232/USB Yes. Optional
Size (in mm) 218x117x600
Weight 44kgs
Warranty 2 Year limited warranty Extendable up to 4 years
Safety EMC/CE/ROHS/ISO9001
Disturbance at Mains Terminals EN61000-6-3:2007+ A1: 2011+ AC:2012
Radiated Disturbance EN61000-6-3:2007+ A1: 2011+ AC:2012
Harmonic Current Emission EN61000-3-12: 2011
Voltage fluctuations & flickering EN61000-3-11: 2000
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) IEC 6100-4-2:2008
Radio-frequency & continues radiated disturbances IEC 6100-4-3:2006 + A1:2007 + A2:2010
EFT/B Immunity IEC 6100-4-4:2012
Surge immunity IEC 6100-4-5:2014
Conducted RF immunity IEC 6100-4-6:2013
Power frequency magnetic field IEC 6100-4-8:2009
Voltage DIP >95% reduction,IEC 6100-4-11:2004
Voltage DIP >30% reduction,IEC 6100-4-11:2004
Voltage Interruption IEC 6100-4-11:2004

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