Magnizon-Outdoor telecom Unit, 25KW



MX65-500ADC IP65 based, 600*600*1200 (W x D x H), Outdoor 25KW, 48V-500Amp capacity Solar Power System Cabinet suitable for hybrid telecom setup, includes power distribution units, 2 cooling fans with 2pcs 300A, DC distribution system with AC and DC inputs for hybrid configuration, Generator auto start/Stop function and remote monitoring setup.


  • Fiber optic network and data room
  • Wireless communications
  • Broad band and network access
  • Telecom roadside cabinets
  • Satellite communications ground stations
  • BTS 4G/5G Base station
  • Manufacturing industry

Key Features

  • Nominal AC input: 85Vac-300Vac
  • Nominal Solar PV input voltage range: 55Vdc ~ 160Vdc
  • Wide Working Temperature range:-40Degree C+85 degree C
  • Active power factor correction: PF≥0.99
  • Fan speed control design
  • Output terminal with hot plug connector.
  • High efficiency and highest power density (Typical: 93.7%, Maximum: 94.5%, 50W/in3 power density)


System Capacity -48V / 500 A
Solar module 9nos of 3000W
Rectifier 8nos of 3000W
AC input 1*63A/3P ,1*SPD
DC input (PV input) 9*63A/2P , 9*SPD
Output distribution Priority load: 3 routes (1*16A, *32A, 1*63A), Non-priority load: 5 routes,(3*16A, 1*32A, 1*63A), System Capacity> 300A , according to customer requirements or company default.
Rated input voltage (3-Ph) Line voltage 380/400/415VAC, 50/60Hz, 3-phase 5 line
Magnizon Model R483000 (refer the detailed spec sheet**)
Input voltage range (1-Ph) 85VAC~290VAC
Frequency 45Hz~65Hz
Maximum input current Approx 55A
PF >/=0.99
Rated input voltage 68VDC
Control module model MQ48D-MPPT
Magnizon Model PM4860-MPPT
Input voltage range 58VDC-160VDC
Maximum input current Approx 63A
voltage range 42VDC-58VDC
Rated voltage 54.0VDC
Current 0-60A/ module
Efficiency Approx 89%, pure electric mode (R48-3200); >/=95%, pure electric mode (R48-3200E); >/= 96%, pure light mode
Operating temperature - 20 Degree C- +55 Degree C
Storage temperature - 40 Degree C- +85 Degree C
Relative humidity 5%RH-90%RH
Altitude Approx 2000m (derating is necessary)


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